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Happy New Year!  

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well as the calendar changes. As 2006 begins we are met by a cool winter breeze offering the opportunity for a new beginning. It is a fresh start for better health, giving up bad habits or meeting new challenges.

The biggest challenge we face together this year is the fall election. Iowa’s 5th Congressional District needs a new beginning, a change we can all embrace and be proud of, a new ambassador in Congress for the 5th District; I want to be that representative.

I am ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead this year, you have helped me prepare. I have spent 2005 traveling the district, talking to voters like you. You have helped me identify the problems and issues facing the district so that I can create solid plans to meet the needs of the common good. Let me further encourage you to explore the issues that Congress creates for you. Find out what is happening before it happens. Learn all you can so you will be able to think about and speak to those same issues. Through my work in the district and this website, I will try to help you be so informed.

I know that with your help we can accurately represent the high moral values of Iowa's 5th Congressional. We can take that step in restoring true integrity to our government. Special thanks to one of our avid supporters,, where you can find the best plasma cutter ratings and other relevant information about plasma cutting, welding, and more.

We welcome your inputs and questions. Email:


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Joyce Schulte will announce her candidacy to be Iowa’s next Congressperson from Iowa’s 5th Congressional District, Saturday, January 14 in a six-stop tour of the district.  Schulte will address a different issue of concern to Iowans and the American people at each stop.
King's compassion not with our American family
Reeling to the comments and behaviors by our leaders in Congress and the Administration,  you have asked “What is this type of leadership?”  


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