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Joyce Schulte on the Passing of Betty Friedan

Betty Friedan brought to light the truth about women,” Joyce Schulte said Monday. “In the 1960’s when women were supposed to be happy with just home and family, Betty said it was all right to aspire to more. In the process she inspired me and millions of women in my generation.”

Schulte Mourns Passing of Great American Coretta Scott King

The nation lost a great leader today,” shared Joyce Schulte on the passing of Mrs. Coretta Scott King today at the age of 78. Mrs. King, the widow of the late great civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., died from the lingering affects of a stroke and heart attack that happened in August.

Campaign Welcomes Interns

Joyce is pleased to announce the addition of 6 incredible people to the campaign. All will be involved in a myriad of challenging and enriching activities focused to bring the wisdom of Iowa together and help restore it in Washington. They, like you, hold in regard the high values of Iowans and know that our Representation can be what it should be with Schulte in Congress. Without further delay, we give a warm welcome to:

  • Tony McCutchan
  • Beth Willrich
  • Samantha Wall
  • Jozette McCutchan
  • Jay Cox
  • Nancy Gepner
When you see them out on the campaign trail, please feel free to discuss with them ideas and issues that you want us to know about.


Schulte For Congress News

February 1 vote in the House would take terrible toll on American Families

Joyce Schulte announced her candidacy to be Iowa’s next Congressperson from Iowa’s 5th Congressional District yesterday in a six-stop tour of the Western Iowa. Schulte spoke on a number of issues concerning Iowans and the American people.


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